Jeff Van Drew wants outside developers to dictate zoning in your town

Once again the special interests that donated highly to Jeff Van Drew’s campaign are being rewarded. Van Drew is sponsoring yet another piece of legislation, only this one is not feel good. It goes right to the heart of the quality of life in your town.

S-2950 and its companion bill in the Assembly (A-4128) would permit developers to overturn locally prohibited land uses and activities, as well as nullify and sidestep standard local review procedures for development applications. This legislation applies to any development that was approved before 2006, or is now in foreclosure or subject to a deed in lieu. In these cases, a project proponent can apply for and receive approval for uses which are not permitted by ordinance.

The New Jersey State League of Municipalities opposes this legislation, and for good reason. Jeff Van Drew wants private developers that do not reside in your county, and probably not even the state, to dictate zoning and land use.

The League opposes S-2950 and A-4128, which allows for modifications to land use approvals because of changed economics, without the normal review of development applications. Fundamentally this legislation usurps, undermines, and overturns local zoning by effectively rescinding all applicable zoning of the property, and provides no adequate public safeguards.

This is yet another instance of Jeff Van Drew thumbing his nose to residents of South Jersey – allowing private interests to ride roughshod over our quality of life. This is yet more proof that the contributors to Van Drew’s campaign own him lock, stock and barrel.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the more interesting contributors to Van Drew according to 2011 ELEC reports:

Archetto Contruction, $1,000

Bristol Development Corp – New York $500

Builder’s PAC, Robbinsville, NJ – $8,200

Building and Construction Trades NJ – $600

Building Contractors Assn NJ PAC – $1,000

CA-PAC, Mercerville, NJ – there is absolutely no information on this PAC – but they gave Van Drew $1,000 2/23/2011 and $1,200 8/16/2010.

Constructors for Good Government, $3,600, 2/28/2011 – of course you understand that their definition of “good government” means that the politicians they own will roll over and allow them to build whatever, wherever.

Daniel Cohen Property Management – $500

Developers PAC – $6,000

Okay – you get the idea. I only made it up to the D’s, and yet with each letter of the alphabet there was a contributor to Jeff Van Drew that will directly benefit from this land-grab legislation. I urge you to write Jeff Van Drew today and urge him to work for YOUR rights, and YOUR quality of life. We do NOT need outside developers dictating to our local  elected officials what sorts of development they will put in our municipalities. This legislation is an egregious usurpation of local rights.

Remember that every single new residential unit that goes up in your town might bring in $5000 or more in property taxes, but a family of four will COST you over $30,000 a year when you consider the costs of school taxes and the use of local services. These developers will go back home with millions in their pockets, and you will be left holding the bill!

This is NOT the reason Jeff Van Drew was elected as Senator – his job first and foremost it to represent you the taxpayer and voter – NOT BIG BUSINESS. Contact him today, and demand that he begin to work for your best interests!


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